Frequently asked questions

can I wash the hair?

no we don’t recommend that you wash the hair as it is only synthetic hair pieces and it may affect some pieces of the extensions 

what is the extentions made out of?

We use quality Synthetic Braiding Hair 

can I straighten or curl the hair?

yes you can straighten and curl the hair please keep in mind don’t hold the heat in one spot for to longer as it may cause the hair to melt or burn 

Can I brush the hair?

we don’t recommend using a brush as it can cause the hair to rip out or become even more dangled however we you can use your fingers to help get out any knots if you notice a big note we recommend using a fine comb to try and brush it out :) 

How long is the hair?

all of our extentions are slightly different and not one is the same as they are handmade so sizing may slightly vary 

 Delivery times?

turn around times for orders local pick up is roughly 24-48 hours buisness days 

posted orders are 24-36 hours business days